StoryEngine v0.2

Hello! Thank you for Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha-Pre-Testing StoryEngine.

Please leave feedback, either with the link in the upper left or by contacting me directly.

Please keep the following things in mind:

  • I have done my best to follow reasonable best practices, but it's not especially secure. Don't re-use your bank password.
  • I am absolutely accepting ideas and suggestions for how things might work, what things might be named, or creative input in general.
  • The domain name is not permanent. I used one I had lying around so as not to spend more money than necessary.
  • My intention is to release every Friday with whatever I have at that point. I want to know I'm going in a good direction and I want to stop going in a bad direction as soon as possible.
  • There absolutely will be DB resets. Probably frequently.
  • Stats are currently regenerating much faster than I plan for them to eventually, to make it easier to play around with that.
  • I'm aware that the appearance of forms is pretty inconsistent. I've used shortcuts to make things work for now and some don't have proper styling.

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